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Why PPSC Consultants Are Superior

      PPSC has gone to considerable lengths to carefully select a cadre of elite forensic expertise. Cumulatively, they represent some of the most distinguished and experienced names in their respective fields. If you've been disillusioned by past experiences with "expert witness incompetence," you've come to the right place. PPSC consultants are medical doctors, psychologists, investigators, computer animators, police trainers and administrators, as well as accomplished criminal justice researchers.


      However, our staff members embody much more than mere titles. Extensive subject knowledge is matched by exceptional articulation skills, and total commitment to case preparation.

      Because PPSC is an interdisciplinary, research-based organization, each consultant is able to draw from the collective wisdom of other staff members. When called for, this unique organizational structure also affords an ability to harmoniously interface diverse forensic skill-sets toward focused objectives

Key PPSC Consultation Benefits

  • Offers proactive auditing of agency policies and procedures.

  • Enables agencies or other concerned parties to ascertain whether after-action investigative methodology was sound.

  • Affords the opportunity to have officer-involved incidents independently audited.

  • Provides critical forensic documentation of facts and issues often overlooked in investigations.

  • Offers a dynamically synergistic blend of skill sets capable of inoculating agencies against huge civil judgments.

Please Note:


      PPSC's consulting staff was primarily structured for the purpose of defending police officers through the use of cutting-edge empirical research.


      However, PPSC maintains a vigilantly objective position when confronted with allegations regarding police misconduct. Though not all PPSC staff consultants are willing to work for plaintiff's counsel against police, many will do so if the facts presented support allegations of egregious misconduct.


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