PPSC Training Division

Uncompromised Commitment to Excellence

"You won't rise to the occasion - you'll default to your level of training."
                                                                            Barrett Tillman, "The Sixth Battle"

          The importance of the use of force trainer, and especially the firearms trainer, cannot be overstated. It is imperative that police trainers receive the most comprehensive and objective preparation available. Unlike many other police training entities, we work for you - not corporate sponsors. Our training isn't burdened or compromised by hidden sales or marketing agendas.


        The PPSC certified trainer is fully prepared to positively influence police trainees for many generations to come. At the core of our preparation of competent and professional trainers is our continued commitment to researching a broad spectrum of use-of-force issues. Our trainees are the direct beneficiaries of our ongoing interdisciplinary research and our forensic consulting experience.   


"I firmly believe that any man's finest hour, the greatest fulfillment of all that he holds dear, is that moment when he has worked his heart out in a good cause and lies exhausted on the field of battle - victorious."                                             Vince Lombardi

2010 Training Calendar

In 2007, PPSC began phasing-in a different approach in the way that we offer police training. All of our police training is available on either flat-rate contractual plans, or through flexible hosting plans. We also invite agencies to host our courses when there is a need to train small or large numbers of officers in a cost-effective manner. Contact us for details pertinent to hosting our training.






2010 National Use of Force Summit

 Arlington, VA

Jan. 25-27



Use of Force Management


Mar. 8-12



Use of Force Management

Irvine, CA

June 14-18



2010 Natl. Use of Force Conference

 Arlington, VA

Jun. 23-25



Adverse Light Training Instructor

Langhorne, PA

Sept. 13-17



ILEA Police Use of Force Conference

Plano, TX

Sept 27-29



Deadly Force Management

Columbus, OH

Oct. 13-15



Use of Force Management

Columbus, OH

Oct. - 18-22



Deadly Force Management

Memphis, TN

Nov. 1-3



Deadly Force Management

Mt. Prospect, IL

Nov. 15-17



2011 Natl. Use of Force Summit

 Arlington, VA

Feb. 3-4, 2011



2011 Natl. Use of Force Summit

 Arlington, VA

July 11-12, 2011



Deadly Force Management

Bel Air, MD

Aug. 15-17, 2011



Deadly Force Management

Spokane, WA

Aug. 29-31 2011



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Online, Distance-Learning Programs


PPSC Advanced Law Enforcement Seminars


PPSC Instructor Development Courses


Dynamic Crisis Rescues

(Train-The-Trainer, Instructor Development)

Provided by ISI

ISI Training Center

Direct: 832 758-3778

Toll-free: 866 586-4949






Corporate  Government Traveler

Intelligence & terrorism related seminar

(this is a three-day includes hands on, $3,500 per person)


Four-hour seminar: $5,000 flat fee


This seminar is oriented to the needs of government corporate personnel who are stationed abroad or travel both domestically and internationally. With security considerations in mind, corporate personnel will reduce personal risk and ensure the safe handling and success of their objectives.


In today’s world, anyone can find themselves facing unexpected hostile conditions at home, in the workplace or while traveling. This three-day intensive course is oriented to the needs of expatriates or personnel who are traveling abroad or domestically.


Students will learn how recognize and reduce risk, and respond to unexpected situations that can occur at a moment’s notice. Our training will ensure the success of business objectives, protection of the corporation reputation and assets, and safety of the traveler.  This course can be customized to meet a corporation’s specific needs and areas of travel and is taught by top international instructors with extensive security experience.


The course will expose the executive to various preventive measures against potential risks, which include kidnapping, sabotage, extortion, harassment, illegal trafficking and acts of terror.


The goal will be achieved by introducing the attendees to principles of preventive measures and proactive actions, identifying threats and vulnerability evaluation in order to minimize or avoid potential risks.


Subject Areas

  • Pre-planning strategies

  • Situational awareness and mindset

  • Theft prevention and understanding local tactics

  • Kidnapping

  • Sabotage, extortion and illegal trafficking

  • Hotel safety

  • Safe driving principals

  • Protection of proprietary information and counter-espionage

  • Civil disturbances and mob violence, how to “read the street”

  • How to respond to terrorism and other unexpected crisis situations


Other costs may apply



Suicide Terrorism/Bombing

Intelligence & terrorism related seminar


Four hour seminar: $5,000 flat fee


Proposed curriculum:  

  • The phenomenon of suicide attacks in comparison to other terrorist attacks.

  • The stages of suicide attacks (collecting intelligence, recruiting, training, indoctrination, launching the perpetrators).

  • Ideology, motives and state of mind of suicide attackers.

  • Suicide attacks as an organized phenomenon – the reasoning of a terrorist organization in launching a suicide attack.

  • The technical character attacker.

  • Neutralizing a suicide attacker – the problem and ways to deal with it.


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