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Edward Godnig, OD

Behavioral  Optometrist

 Edward C. Godnig, O.D., FCOVD, is a 1976 graduate of the New England College of Optometry, Boston, Massachusetts.  He maintains a private practice of optometry specializing in behavioral optometry.  Behavioral optometry is a clinical discipline that diagnoses and treats visual skills and abilities that have an impact on learning and movement behaviors.  Dr. Godnig has a particular interest in enhancing the ability of shooters to use their visual system to improve marksmanship.  He has developed visual training exercises for shooters to improve the skills necessary for fast and accurate shooting.   He also acts as a consultant to law enforcement professionals specializing in the areas of visual perception and visual attention. 

To view Dr. Godnig's article, "Vision and Shooting," use this link.

To view Dr. Godnig's CV, use this link.

    Dr. Godnig welcomes inquiries about his visual enhancement programs and consulting services. He can be reached at email address, egodnig@ak.net, for more information on visual training seminars for individuals or groups of marksmen. 




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