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Sexual Assault Offenses

Det. Mary A. Bice (LASD Retired)

    Mary Bice served with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department for 21 years, from 1980-2002. During her tenure with LASD, Mary served 17 years as a detective. Of that 17-year span as an investigator, Mary served 12 years in LASD's Homicide Bureau, and 4 years assigned to the Family Violence Bureau.  While with the FVB, Ms. Bice investigated over 1,000 cases involving sexual and/or physical assaults against minors.

    Utilizing Ms. Bice's wealth of expertise, LASD employed her in training Sheriff's academy cadets and reserve deputies in the principles of sexual assault investigation.

    Most notably among Mary's service achievements are receiving the LASD "Medal of Distinguished Service," as well as numerous commendations for outstanding job performance.

    Ms. Bice received her B.A. in Business administration at the California State University at Northridge in 1974. She also completed study at the University of Southern California's "Delinquency Control Institute."

Mary Bice's CV can be viewed HERE



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