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Arlo Edward West

Forensic Audio-Visual Analyst



  Arlo West has over 29 years of audio experience with a degree in Forensic Audio Engineering from the Dallas Sound Lab School for the Recording Arts and Sciences.


    His skill and expertise in the area of audio forensic analysis has brought his company, Creative Forensic Services, to the forefront of the national and international legal communities.


    Arlo has worked for and or with federal and local law enforcement agencies, as well as defense lawyers, prosecution, private investigators and the general public. His expertise in solving audio based problems has gained a reputation for excellence.


    He has been asked to give commentary on syndicated national radio to the validity of the Saddam Hussein tapes as well as authenticating video of governmental corruption in India. His company was approached in 2002 by a Saudi consulting firm to build a forensic audio lab and train 14 Saudi nationals on forensic audio analysis. 


    Last, but certainly not least, Arlo has also worked on the audio production for the Oscar Award winning movie, "Titanic", and assistant engineered the multiple Grammy Award winners, "U2"  


Arlo West's Accomplishments:

  • Certified Forensic Audio Analysis, Dallas Sound Lab School for the Recording Arts and Sciences.

  • Certified Audio Engineer, Audio Engineering and Studio Technology, Dallas Sound Lab School for the Recording Arts and Sciences.

  • 1986-2002 (Composed, Recorded, Engineered and Produced 12 CDs of original music).

  • 1997-2002 (Audio Engineer, Forensic Audio Analyst, Digital Audio Engineer,  Dallas Sound Lab in Irving, Texas)

  • 1997-98 (Software Development, Audio Engineer, Dave Faherty from CBS golf, for Microsoft Corporation).

  • 1998 (Audio Engineer, Live I.S.D.N. feed for NFL commentator Pat Somerall during halftime commentary).

  • 1997 (Assistant Engineer, Audio Dialogue Replacement for the Oscar award winning motion picture "Titanic").

  • 1997-98 (Assistant Engineer, Audio Dialogue Replacement, Universal Pictures, TBS, Warner Brothers., for the motion pictures "Leave It to Beaver","Rough Riders","Tarzan and the Lost City")

  • 1997 (Assistant Engineer, Digital Audio Editing for Grammy award winning rock group U2)

  • 1997 (Assistant Engineer, Mary Kay Corporation, Dallas Texas).

  • 1997 (Audio Engineer, Foley Assistant, PBS, "Wishbone" and "Barney" children's programs).

  • 1986-2002 (Composer, Midi Engineer, Producer, Dallas Sound Lab in Irving, Texas)

  • 1974-2002 (Internationally known musician and band leader, Arlo West Band)

  • Music Composition, Music Producer, Studio Management and Owner, President Dice Records International.

  • Languages (English, Swedish)

  • Proficient Computer Skills in (Macintosh and Windows, Multiple Audio Platforms, Web Authoring, Graphic Design and Layout, Flash, Networking, Computer Design and Maintenance)

  • Musical Instrument Digital Interface, MIDI Composer and engineer.