Detective Skip Bauchman

       Skip Bauchman joined the Los Angeles Police Department in 1977.  Skip has spent his carrier working the variety of assignments that only the Los Angeles Police Department could offer.  Patrol, Vice, Under Cover Narcotics, Counter Terrorism, Federal Major Crime Task Force and Homicide Investigation were a few of the assignments he has enjoyed in his carrier.

      In the early 1990’s, members of the LAPD became the target of numerous civil actions that resulted from officer-involved shootings. Basically, if an Officer shot someone during the course of his duties, he would be sued. It became increasingly necessary for officers to convey what happened in a manor that Jurors could understand.

     Beginning with simple drafting programs, Skip began to reconstruct crime scenes that could offer a better perspective than a flat drawing. The turning point came when Skip saw an animated reconstruction of the Mitchell Brothers Shooting. Though animation had been used in civil court, this was one of the first instances where this type of animation was admitted in a criminal trial. After investing his own money and countless hours of training, Skip became one of the few sworn Detectives, with Homicide Experience to master the tools of computer generated 3D animation (CGI)

    Since gaining this expertise, Skip has worked as forensic animator for the United States Attorney, the Los Angeles City Attorney, and the Los Angeles County District attorney. His worked has been admitted in trial in numerous cases in state and federal court.

    Skip’s work ethic is simple and straight foreword. Every piece of information that can be used to accurately depict the story is animated and put on the screen. Expert testimony takes on a new realism when a complex event can be animated and explained in a manor that all jurors can understand.

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