PPSC Consultation Services

Victim Precipitated Homicide

(a.k.a. "Suicide By Cop")

Rick Parent, PhD

Rick Parent is a 21-year serving police officer in the Vancouver area and a former instructor at the Justice Institute of British Columbia - Police Academy. Rick holds a Masters degree and PhD from Simon Fraser University, School of Criminology. His academic training and research has focused upon police use of deadly force including the phenomenon of “victim-precipitated homicide” and “suicide by cop”. 

    In September 1999, Rick provided a brief account of his research at the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia.  In November 1999, Rick was awarded the Lieutenant Governor’s Award for Meritorious Service in recognition of the academic research that he has conducted in relation to police use of deadly force.

    Rick has testified in court, as an expert witness in the area of police shootings.  He has also provided expert opinion to attorneys in the United States and Canada in regards to fatal police shootings within their jurisdiction.  In addition, he has provided assistance to police personnel investigating fatal and non-fatal police shootings in Australia, Canada, and the United States.

Louise Pyers, MS, BCETS

As a counselor and community psychologist specializing in law enforcement issues, Louise Pyers is a consultant, educator and direct service provider to law enforcement professionals on local, state and national levels. She holds an undergraduate and a Master of Science Degree in clinical psychology. Louise was recently awarded Board Certification as an Expert in Traumatic Stress by The American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress.

    Her ongoing research with law enforcement officers around the country focuses on the subjects of law-enforcement-assisted suicide (suicide by cop), critical incident stress and post-traumatic stress disorder. This research includes the effects of critical incident stress on an officer's visual and cognitive perceptions as well as memory recall of unfolding critical events.

    Ms. Pyers contributions also extend to police-community relations.  As a member of a focus group of law enforcement and community leaders, she participated in the  development an action plan based on a 1998 research study of public perceptions of police policies and practices.

    Ms. Pyers currently provides employee assistance services and direct counseling to police officers and their families. She also serves law enforcement as a trainer of police academy recruits and as an Incident Response Team member, providing critical incident stress management services to officers involved in shootings and other events with high psychological impact. Ms. Pyers has provided consultative services to police and attorneys regarding mental illness, developmental disabilities and law enforcement assisted suicide.




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