Military Assets Protection Specialist™

Course Description


      The PPSC-MAPS course is structured to assist private security personnel to satisfy military asset protection requirements. The course curriculum includes the most contemporary material salient to site control and protection concepts. Material pertinent to the detection and detention of unauthorized personnel, and the use of force against aggressive or non-compliant subjects, is the most current and court-defensible material available anywhere. Those successfully completing this program will be certified by PPSC as “Military Assets Protection Specialists.”


      The PPSC-MAPS course is based upon our hands-on program of the same name and content. This online version allows qualified individuals the opportunity to gain a meaningful occupational certification, on their own scheduling terms. As a distance learning program, students are able to receive instruction of course content with a great deal of flexibility. Handouts and all other relevant materials are provided online. The examination is also be made available online, at a time and date preferred by the student, perhaps when he or she feels best prepared to pass the examination.


Course Overview


I. Site protection & control concepts

· Entry control

· Vehicle search techniques

· Patrol concepts, intrusion detection

· Understanding DOD threat levels

· Threat methods of attack

· Threat objectives

· Risk management

· Random Anti-terrorism Measures

II.  Aggressive Behavior Management

· Threat assessment cues

· De-escalation techniques

· Physical control techniques

III. Use of Force Overview

· Use of force & self-defense

· Search & seizure

· Restraining people

· Common law power of arrest

· Privacy rights

· Criminal & tort law

· Detaining people

· Less-than-lethal force

· Less-lethal force

· Deadly force

· Documentation

· Trial testimony  

IV. Levels of Subject Resistance

· Passive resistance

· Active resistance

· Aggressive resistance

· Aggravated aggressive resistance

V. Levels of Control

· Soft empty hand techniques

· Hard empty hand techniques

· Aerosol subject Restraint (ASR)

· Electro-Muscular Disruption (EMD) weapons

· Kinetic energy weapons

· Police/security K9

· Deadly  force

IV. Deadly Force Policies & Procedures

· Operative definitions

· Statutory authority & case law

· Imminent vs. immediate threats

· Fleeing felons

· Verbal warning

· Tactical imperatives

V. Subject Apprehension

· Operative definitions

· Statutory & DOD authority

· Detention parameters

· Restraint concepts & techniques

· Remanding subjects to authorities

VI. Physical Fitness & Wellness Concepts

· Cardiovascular fitness

· Strength training

· Diet & nutrition

VII.  Certifying Written Examination


Restricted Access : Due to the nature of this subject matter, those wishing to enroll in MAPS will be required to provide documentation of their having employment within the law enforcement or security industry. Those not currently employed in the LE or security professions may be asked to provide documentation of their character and absence of a criminal history.


30 hours


$195 (Introductory Price)


Online Program - Runs Perpetually




  Please call 877-267-7772  ext. 3