This course will provide guidelines for the implementation of scenario-based training that is specific to agency needs and available resources. Training is structured to critically assess the decision-making capabilities of individual officers where all levels of controlling force may be at issue. All formulated scenarios are driven by learning objectives in order to evaluate the response of each officer based upon their experience, assignment, and previous training.


      Examined within the context of this course will be the myriad of methodologies and equipment available for employment in scenario-based training. From innovative RAP4® paint-guns to AirSoft® products, from popular Simunition® products to CAPS® video-based simulators, this course covers more topical ground than any other course offered elsewhere. Students will be given an exhaustive and objective overview of the inherent strengths and weaknesses of all available options. In this course, students will also have the opportunity to develop, produce and conduct hands-on training on the CAPS® video-based firing simulator.

      The course culminates with each student implementing their own scenario development assignment by operationalizing his/her scenario, and then evaluating classmates in their reasoning (decision-making ability) in possible force application scenarios. On completion of the course the student will be able to develop scenarios from an analysis of organic agency data, as well as nationally available data.

PLEASE NOTE: A considerable amount of attention is given to scenario-based training in low light levels. Duty flashlights should be utilized as much as possible, or advise our staff of whatever flashlights you might need loaned.

Course content includes:

  • Program safety

  • Instructional methods specific to simulation training

  • Equipment evaluation and selection

  • Program design

  • Guidelines for developing role players

  • Low light training considerations

  • Evaluating student judgment on a CAPS® video firing simulator

  • Participation/evaluation of PPSC administered scenarios

  • Participation/evaluation of student scenario

  • Certifying written examination

Your PPSC staff instructors for this program are Dave Young and Tom Aveni



5 days/ 32 hours




(See Training Calendar)


 Please call 877-267-7772  ext. 3

Eligible candidates for this program are members of the police, corrections, military and security communities. ALL applicants MUST provide credentials of their affiliation with an accredited law enforcement, corrections, military or security organization for acceptance into this program.



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