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Deadly Force Expert Consultant, Consultants, Deadly Force Expert, Consultants, Witnesses. Police Deadly Force
Police Deadly Force Expert Witness, Police Deadly Force Expert Witnesses.

Police Deadly Force Expert Witness, Police Deadly Force Expert Witnesses.
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PPSC Staff
A complete listing of PPSC staff members with complete individual staff profiles....

PPSC Introduction
The Police Policy Studies Council was established in 2001 by former training cadre of Smith & Wesson Academy. Since our founding, we have amassed the most exhaustive database of police shootings in the US.

Staff  Views
PPSC Staff professionals provide their own perspectives on important L.E. issues...

PPSC Forums
Visit the PPSC Forums for questions and answers or to post questions...

Password-protected archives containing our Criminal Justice Practitioner's Research area...

PPSC has gone to considerable lengths to carefully select a cadre of elite forensic expertise. Cumulatively, they represent some of the most distinguished...

Since most of the PPSC instructional staff began their professional instructing careers working for firearms manufacturers...

In response to emerging security challenges, the Police Policy Studies Council, Inc. formed its "Security Training & Consulting Division" (STAC) in 2004.

"SPAT" is PPSC's newest service division. It has been structured to facilitate specialized services...

Law enforcement research, training, locator and equipment links...

PPSC Is Looking For Qualified Consultants!!!!


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