Course Description


      This course of study is an advanced rifle training program designed for officers actively assigned to the role of police sniper. It is suitable for operational police snipers or those officers who will be assigned a police sniper team position. Students can expect training time of approximately 46-48 hours.


      Shooting exercises for this school are designed for bolt action law enforcement law enforcement rifles equipped with telescopic sights capable of precision adjustment.


Note: In order to successfully complete this school, the student’s rifle/ammo combination should be capable consistently firing a five (5) shot group not larger than one minute of angle (1” at 100 yards).  Students are responsible for their own weapons, ammunition, meals and lodging.


Curriculum will include;

 Fieldcraft & Movement

 Effective Camouflage


 Intermediate Distance Shooting

 External Ballistics

 Position Shooting

 Cold Bore Documentation

 Rifle Handling Skills

 Sniper Role & Responsibilities

 Tactical Communication

 Urban Operations & Hide Selection

 Night Vision

 Moving Target Engagement

 Practical Shooting Exercises

 Engagement Through Intermediate Barriers

 Proficiency Course of Fire

 Written Examination

 Certificate of Proficiency

Equipment Requirements

 Scope-sighted rifle (semi-auto or bolt action) capable of holding five (5) rounds.

 1 3/4” sling swivels and/or bipod

 Cleaning equipment

 Safety glasses with protective side panels

 Hearing protection

 Shooting glove/hand protection (weak hand) for sling abrasion

 Clothing suitable for classroom and all likely range environments.  Foul weather gear is recommended.

 Duty flashlight (one handed operation)

 All operational “call-out” gear

 A minimum of 400 rounds of match-grade ammunition. *Qualification course must be fired with service ammunition issued by the individual’s agency.

Additional Equipment, If Available:

 Camouflaged uniform

 Gillie & camouflage materials

 Military type (US GI) rifle sling (leather or web 1 3/4”)

 Spotting scope (25X recommended)


 Range finder

 Drag bag, mat, ground cloth (Do NOT bring competition equipment to this school)

Please Note: All applications, tuition or POs must be received prior to the beginning of class. Tuition includes a comprehensive classroom manual and all classroom and range materials.


Course Instructor: Sgt. Edward Gross


      Ed Gross is a recognized law enforcement consultant in the area of precision shooting and police sniping. A 27 year police veteran. Ed has provided instruction on police sniping to thousands of officers from a broad spectrum of law enforcement agencies, throughout the US and internationally.


      Ed has been involved in heavy barrel rifle marksmanship since 1982, and tactical operations since 1987. He holds a B.A. from Franklin Pierce College, numerous instructor certifications in police sniping, and awards for precision shooting. He is a recipient of the “Distinguished Rifleman Badge” awarded by the US Army for excellence in competition at the national level and is the 1141st civilian to earn this distinction since 1891.


      Ed is the Director of Crosshairs, Inc., and a staff instructor of the Police Policy Studies Council. Ed has previously served as an adjunct  precision rifle instructor for Smith & Wesson Academy, and the SigArms Academy. He is also currently serving as the Vice President of the American Sniper Association.


Eligible candidates for this program are members of the police, corrections, military and security communities. ALL applicants MUST provide credentials of their affiliation with an accredited law enforcement, corrections, military or security organization for acceptance into this program.




 5 days/ 46-48 hours




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  Please call 877-267-7772  ext. 3




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