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            Law enforcement agencies wishing to host a PPSC course or seminar, at a location of their choosing, may do so, qualifying for host benefits.

        Agencies may elect to either host a program that would entail open enrollment to other agencies, or they may elect to host a program that is run exclusively for their agency, at a flat-rate, and potentially customized to their specific needs.

Hosting benefits include, but may not be limited to:

  • Free Student Slots in the course hosted, or a credit toward other PPSC offerings.  

  • Promotional billing as the host agency.

  • A "Preferred Status" award toward future courses or services.

  • Course-hosting offers significant training cost-containment when compared to having students travel to a similar off-site program. 

Duties and responsibilities of a prospective host agency:

  • The agency must provide a suitable facility for the event to be hosted, either classroom, lecture hall, or range.

  • The agency must provide some promotional assistance, generally in the form of two (2) teletype course announcements of the date and location of the course. 

  • Depending on the nature of the seminar and the physical location chosen, the host agency might be asked to assure security at the site for the course being hosted.

NOTE: Agencies hosting a program offered exclusively for their agency, at  flat-rate tuition, are not subject to many of the above requirements. They are merely responsible for providing a suitable learning environment for the program they've chosen to host.

  Free Student Slots will be allocated depending on enrollment of the hosted course. If the hosted course achieves a minimum of 10 student enrollments, the host agency is awarded one (1) free slot for every 10 students enrolled.

  “Preferred Status” designation will be awarded to a host agency after the successful hosting of any PPSC offering. It then entitles the designated agency to a 10% discount on future course offerings. This discount is in addition to the “Free Student Slots” benefit described above. The PS designation would also give the awarded agency preference in future course hosting where other sites were in competition for a similar program.

For additional hosting information, please forward your inquiries to:

PPSC Training Division

POB 475

Spofford, NH 03462


Toll-Free:   877-267-7772

Facsimile:   603-386-6007

E-Mail:     sales@theppsc.org




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