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Bill Lewinski, Ph.D.

    Bill Lewinski has a doctorate in Police Psychology from Union Institute in Cincinnati, Ohio. He is a professor in the Law Enforcement Program at Minnesota State University, Mankato, is on the National Board of Examiners with Goju-Kai Karate-Do USA, and is an ex-lecturer and contributing expert to the Street Survival® Seminars and The Tactical Edge. He lectures and testifies extensively in the area of Performance Psychology in force related matters.

    Dr. Lewinski has compiled an extensive video and text database pertinent to the biomechanical aspects of the reaction times of officers and suspects in a wide array of relevant scenarios. This research has pioneered a more universal understanding of why suspects are often shot in the back by officers who claim to have fired in response to an immediate deadly force threat.

    PPSC is very honored to have Dr. Lewinski aboard, as we strive to make major inroads into the study of deadly force issues.


- Thirty two years experience in human behavior ranging from psychiatric social worker to police psychologist.
- Thirty three years in the Martial Arts.
- Teaching experience ranging from special education to university professor/chair.


-Two International Conferences
- Five National Conferences
- Fifteen National Seminars
- Thirty State Conferences
-Thirty-nine Regional Seminars
- Twenty-eight Professional Lectures and Talks
- International lecture circuit for four years with the Calibre Press "Street Survival" Seminars


- Consultant in thirty four law enforcement and civilian cases for both defense and prosecution (including 9 Grand Juries)


- 1993 MNSAT statewide satellite presentation for the Minnesota POST Board on "Pursuit Driving-Stress, Decision Making, Training." co-presented with Attorney William Everett.
- Video - "Use of Deadly Force" - the psychological aspects of the 1992 P.O.S.T. Learning Objectives, used by numerous police departments throughout the State of Minnesota.
- Consulting Expert "Tactical Edge" (1986) & Hostage Officer Survival Video(1998) both by Calibre Press,
- Publication --'7he Suspect is Shot in the Back. Is Your Shooting Clean?" The Police Marksman, Sept./Oct. 1999.
- Publication -- "The Lethal Employee" The Police Marksman, Jan./Feb. 2000.


- Two national television interviews, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation - police stress, post-shooting trauma, two state and two local television interviews
- Nine radio interviews - post-shooting trauma, Police use of force, edged weapons, family relations
- Eleven newspaper interviews - hostage situations, shooting decisions, police community relations


- Various consultations - the CIA, Minnesota Supreme Court, Minnesota State University System, international, national and local law enforcement agencies. Calibre Press, Inc.


- Spent three years developing an integrated, multi-disciplinary, clinical program for law enforcement education.
- Developed an applied consultation and research institute at Mankato State University

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The Royal Canadian Mounted Police Commanding Officer's Certificate, for assistance rendered to the R.C.M. P under exceptional circumstances.

Pima County (Tucson) Attorney's Victim Witness Program, Service Award

International Association of Women Police, Service Award

Mankato State University, Service Award

Minnesota Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors, Honorary Membership

Task Force on Families of Catastrophe, Invited to join the Task Force to advise the U.S. State
Department and the White House regarding American hostages in Iran. Crisis resolved before
formal activity on Task force was initiated.

World Conference on Police Psychology, Invited to Attend FBI Academy, Quantico, Virginia, December 1985. Main focus was on how the behavioral sciences could assist law enforcement agencies in fulfilling their operational missions.

Justice of the Peace, Legislative nomination and approval, Province of Manitoba, Canada.
Nomination and appointment, Lieutenant-Governor of Canada in the name of Her Majesty, Queen
Elizabeth the Second.

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