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Sgt. Edward F. Gross

    Edward F. Gross is a twenty-three year veteran of law enforcement. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Liberal arts from Franklin Pierce College, in Rindge N.H. His involvement in heavy barrel rifle marksmanship began in 1982, and tactical police operations in 1987. As team leader of a City Police Department scoped rifle unit, he has been deployed and involved in numerous successful tactical situations.

    He is an adjunct instructor for the N.H. Police Standards and Training Council (Police Academy), and certified firearms instructor, holding a number of instructor certifications.

    Since 1990 he has conducted police sniper/ observer training for officers across a broad spectrum of Law Enforcement agencies throughout the United States and Internationally.

    His sniper training is extensive and includes the following law enforcement, military and civilian sources;

  • NRA, Law Enforcement Long-Range Scoped Rifle School, Palm Bay, Florida, Feb. ‘89.
  • NRA Law Enforcement Basic Rifle Instructor Development School, Quantico VA., May ‘90.
  • US Army Marksmanship Unit, Small Arms Firing School, National Matches, Camp Perry, Ohio, Aug.’90.
  • Carlos Hathcock II / Virginia Beach, Police Advanced Counter Sniper School, Virginia Beach, VA. Oct. ‘90.
  • US Army Marksmanship Unit, Advanced Small Arms Firing School, National Matches, Camp Perry, Ohio., Jul. ’91.
  • NRA Law Enforcement Rifle Instructor Development School, Keene, NH. Sep.’91.
  • International Association Of Chiefs Of Police, Police Long Rifle Certification Course., Ft. Dix, NJ. Oct. ‘91.
  • USMC Law Enforcement Sniper Course, 2nd Marine Division Schools, USMC. Camp Lejuene NC., Mar.‘92. "Clean Qual."
  • NRA, Law Enforcement Long-Range Scoped Rifle Instructor Development School, Ft. Devens, Mass., April 94. "Top Gun".
  • US ARMY, 10th SFG (ABN) SOTIC Ft. Devens, Mass. 94-95.
    SNIPERCRAFT, INC., Advanced sniper workshop. Avon Park, Fla. Jan.‘96.
  • Operational Tactics, Inc., SWAT / Sniper Symposium, Bethesda, MD. Jan. '98 & 99.
  • SNIPERCRAFT, INC. Sniperweek-SWAT/Sniper seminar and Snipercraft Challenge, 99, '00, '01, '02.

    His experiences include numerous courses and seminars on various aspects of hostage situations, barricaded suspects, tactical supervision. He has actively worked joint operations with the United States Secret Service Presidential protection detail during Presidential & VP visits, and other dignitary protection.

    Gross has been a member of the N.H. State Rifle Team (one of seven) in 1990 & 1991, and State Rifle Team Captain in 1993 at the National Matches at Camp Perry, Ohio.

    He’s won numerous awards for precision shooting, was the 1996 winner (team and individual events) and 1997 (individual event), of the “Police Sniper” competition at the N.H. State Police Convention.

    He is a recipient of the “Distinguished Rifleman Badge”, awarded by the United States Army for competition on the National level. He is the 1141st civilian to earn this award since 1891.

    He founded Crosshairs Incorporated and is the Executive Director of the training academy, created to provide professional sniper training to the law enforcement community. He is the adjunct instructor for the Advanced Tactical Scoped Rifle Schools at the Smith & Wesson Academy and SIG Arms Academy.

    He is the Vice-president of the American Sniper Association (ASA), a non-profit professional association for active Law enforcement, military and corrections snipers.

    He is currently working on his first book on the subject of law enforcement sniping.