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Chief Todd Faulkner

Having widespread, comprehensive training and experience within the criminal justice field, specifically child/adult physical and sexual abuse investigations, police policy and procedures, nuclear security and Emergency Medical Services, use of force and computer forensics. I am able to apply this knowledge and experience in an impartial and factual manner towards all of the cases I investigate. I am committed to factual investigations involving officer use of force, criminal investigations, police procedural deployment, Conductive Electrical Weapons, their use, the implementation and accurate instruction. I have extensive training and certifications in the area of Conductive Electrical Weapons to include training, implementation, and post action review of Conducted Electrical Weapons.

My experience is not only through training but, I have also personally used the device in actual police situations multiple times and have reviewed over 100 use of force reports involving the use of CEWs.

Additionally I am a Senior Master Instructor as a TASER Technician and TASER Evidence Collection Analyst. I have applied this training to actual cases where I have reconstructed events and presented them before State and Federal courts in testimony and opined reports.

I have received extensive training in the use, training, and ethical standards for the proper forensic examinations of computer and mobile devices. My experience is not only through training but I have also personally forensically examined over 100 computer and mobile devices. My computer forensic and cyber crime investigative experience includes case investigations and forensics at the state and federal level with cooperative investigative efforts and forensic assistance to the FBI, Department of Homeland Security (ICE), State of NJ, State of VT, NH State Police Major Crimes Unit, and multiple local law enforcement agencies within the State of VT, NH and MA. I have received specific training in on-scene mobile and computer forensics as well as forensics completed in a laboratory setting.

My professional experience includes holding positions from the ranks of patrol officer to Chief of Police as well as holding several instructor and management titles in the Emergency Medical Services field. This allows me a diverse knowledge that can be applied to every case allowing the most accurate results.

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