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Carlos Davila

Intl. Relations (Europe & Latin America)

A graduate of Colby College in Waterville, ME (B.A. Economics), Brussels University in Belgium (M.A. Economics) and Cambridge University in England, Carlos has been in the international defense and law enforcement procurement business for over thirty years.  After years of prosperity in Latin America as exclusive representative of Colt, Raytheon and Interarms, Carlos and his family moved to Belgium to use his expertise as an international banker, working mostly in Africa and Latin America.

    Fabrique Nationale d’Armes de Guerre (FN) in Herstal, Belgium hired him to take charge of their important foreign markets. Carlos was in charge of training military and law enforcement personnel in the use and maintenance of all FN weapons; from the HiPower pistol all the way to the MAG machinegun, setting up sniping schools in several countries. It is meaningful that, as a reward for his dedication to his clients, the Governments of Venezuela and Bolivia decorated Carlos.  At the same time he signed the largest small arms contracts with both countries.  In 1982 he resigned from FN to return to the United States, where, in addition to working on behalf of foreign countries through his own company, he offered his acumen in international trade, banking and ordnance as a consultant to well known European companies and governments.

    In 1996 Carlos was appointed Regional Manager for Europe, Africa and the Middle East for Smith & Wesson, the world’s largest handgun manufacturer, in Springfield, MA.  In 1998 he was promoted to Director of International Sales, a position he held until his resignation in December 2001. During his time at S&W, Carlos was in charge of demonstrating S&W handguns throughout the world.  He received several "Instructor Certificates" from the S&W Academy.  He trained Police personnel in Greece, Lebanon, Latvia and many others around the world.

    Mr. Davila has also written many technical articles and books, one of which, “Small Arms Today” is used by the armed forces of the major countries for information.  He is fluent in French, Italian and Spanish and has worked in most countries of the world.  He is known for his integrity and honesty and for his simple but direct approach to solve difficult problems.  He is writing several books on history and ordnance. 

    Carlos is presently CEO for Virginia Weapons and Munitions, Inc. (VWM) an importer of firearms and ammunition as well as a Consultant to the industry.