PPSC Staff Profile

Robert Bragg, Jr. MSPE


      Robert Bragg is currently the Program Manager of Physical Fitness and Defensive Tactics Instructor training at the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Center in Seattle, Washington.

      As the state’s Program Manager, Bob is responsible for assuring that training in the area of Physical Force tactics is up to date and on the leading edge of the profession.  He has held this position since its inception in 1981.  Since that time, he has personally trained thousands of line officers across all areas of the criminal justice arena.

      Bob has combined his experience in Martial Arts and formal education in Biomechanics, Exercise Physiology, and Sports Medicine with the experience of hundreds of active law enforcement trainers to produce a unique, cohesive and state of the art statewide instructor program in Control and Defensive Tactics that has trained several hundred currently active instructors and instructor trainers in this well-rounded and integrated system.  Included in this number are several instructors and trainers from other states.  Law Enforcement Academy Instructors from the states of Oregon, Montana, Alaska, Texas, Florida, Idaho, California, and British Columbia have participated in this program.  Bob has been instrumental in establishing an information exchange between the Northwestern state academies.

      Bob's Martial Arts training began in Jr. High School with Judo and was followed by 14 years of Japanese Karate in which he attained the rank of second-degree black belt.  Since 1986, he has been training in the "Inosanto Blend" of Southeast Asian Martial Arts that includes Kali, Muay Thai, and Pentjak Silat.

     Bob's multifaceted background gives him the special insight needed to be an innovator of training, research, and defensive tactics equipment.  He holds both Bachelor of Arts and Master of Science degrees in Physical Education with his major area of course work study devoted to Sports Medicine and Exercise Physiology.  He has performed pioneering work in the biomechanics of baton and PR-24 baton use through high speed cinematography.  He has also completed some of the earliest original research on Oleoresin Capsicum products delivery systems and their tactical use as well as the effects of OC exposure on the eye.