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Lt. Dennis Tueller

(Salt Lake City PD, Ret.)

    Internationally recognized and respected Law Enforcement Instructor, acknowledged by peers in books and publications; adjunct instructor/coach for world-renowned training organizations: Thunder Ranch, Inc.  – Gunsite Training Center –U.S. D.O.E. Safeguards & Security Central Training Academy – Defense Training International – The Police Training Division – International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors; regularly invited presenter at major law enforcement training conferences throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe. 

    Dennis has trained thousands of men and women from throughout the world including: law enforcement officers, police recruits, firearms instructors, federal agents, S.W.A.T. teams, military personnel, and corporate security specialists.

    Dennis has also led, supervised, coached, and trained 40+ Field Training Officers and coordinated the FTO Program; enhanced performance and operational effectiveness of new officers, identified and discharged unsatisfactory candidates. “Due to your leadership, our FTO program is one of the best in the country.” (Assistant Chief Larry Stott)

    In addition, Dennis has also developed and presented hundreds of classes, lectures, live-fire range and shoot-house training courses, role-play exercises, personal coaching sessions, seminars, and video productions on: practical shooting techniques, instructor development, patrol tactics and officer survival procedures, firearms safety, combat marksmanship and gun-handling, judicious use of lethal force, performance under stress, and winning mind-set.  Received the S.L.C.P.D. Chief’s Award for: “Outstanding Performance in developing Firearms Policy and providing Firearms Training.”

    Perhaps Dennis is best known for researching and developing groundbreaking training protocol, as exemplified in his published seminal article, “How Close is Too Close." In that text Dennis identified critical concepts (“proximics”), which influenced a revolution in tactical training doctrine (the “Tueller Principle”).

    “Tueller is…one of the most respected men in the police training community. His training has saved countless cops (and law abiding citizens) from death, maiming injury, prison, and financial ruin.” (Massad Ayoob, L.E. Expert)

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