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Dave Young

    Dave Young is no stranger to the realm of critical decision-making. Although a cinematographer by trade with an educational background, Dave became a major contributor to the field of scenario-based training with the introduction of his low-cost, live-fire "CAPS" video-based training systems, nearly a decade ago.

    Mr. Young is also an accomplished use-of-force instructor and Range Master, having been accredited by S&W Academy and SIG Arms Academy as an instructor in many training disciplines. He is the author of  the text (written in both English and French), "Reasonable and Necessary, Defensive Firearms Ownership and Use in Canada." He has also been involved in research isolating critical issues pertinent to why there remains a prevalence of "questionable" police shootings. His CAPS simulator has become a central tool in this research. The CAPS system permits officers to train with any weapon and live ammunition out to 100 yards.

    Dave is an Instructor Trainer in the field of firearms judgment simulation and officer survival, and has worked as an adjunct instructor with Smith & Wesson Academy and SIG Arms Academy.  He has worked as an expert witness in firearms and use of force cases.

    Dave is a pioneer in the area of judgment training in Canada. He began in 1987 with the first Firearms Training System "FATS" system sold in Canada. He taught with various laser and live-fire systems including FATS, Cinetronic, Duelatron and Radcom before designing his CAPS  live-fire simulation systems. CAPS systems are in now in use with agencies and training institutions across North America. Dave not only sells simulators, he also offers contract judgment training with his CAPS systems.

    Dave is recognized as an instructor by the Québec Provincial Police, and is a member of IALEFI and ASLET.

    Dave is involved in the field of motion picture production and has overseen the handling of firearms on over 45 television and feature film projects in the province of Québec. He was instrumental in drafting the the norms governing  the safe handling of firearms on film and television sets in the Province of Québec.

    Dave Young specialized in Film at the Communication Studies Department of  Montreal's Concordia University and is an award-winning director of photography.

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