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Sgt. Wilfred Lavenski Jr.

Sgt. Fred Lavenski has been with the Massachusetts Department of Correction for approximately twenty years. During his service he has experienced various correctional settings from shift work, Training Officer, Team Leader, and Commander of the Departments Special Response Team. He has trained, and trained with, various outside Government and Law Enforcement agencies.

Certified as a Firearms Instructor Trainer by the Massachusetts Criminal Justice Training Council. Sgt. Lavenski experience also extends to firearms and armorer training, from agencies like the Smith&Wesson Academy, Sigarms Academy, Colt, Remington, Ruger Armorers School, and the National Rifle Association Law Enforcement Division.

Involved in over 14 major disturbances ranging from security sweeps of entire institutions for the elimination of contraband, numerous evacuation of multiple units, and several riots encompassing entire institution populations, have given him an invaluable amount of knowledge and correctional savvy.

Established in 1992, C.S.D. Inc. was created by Sgt. Lavenski and Sgt. Mark Boulay. Designed to provide firearms and defensive tactics training for civilian and law enforcement, C.S.D. Inc. has trained over 600 civilians in basic safety, liability, and overall use.

In June 1998, Sgt. Lavenski was asked to transfer to the Souza Baranowski Correctional Center, a new 550,000 sq. ft. maximum-security facility. As an advance team member his responsibility was to test and evaluate security systems, purchase related security equipment, develop security procedures and train new staff prior to the Institutions opening in November. While at Souza Baranowski, Sgt. Lavenski developed several operational standards that were adopted throughout the department.

Currently assigned to the Massachusetts Department of Corrections Training Academy, Sgt. Lavenski continues to develop training and instruct staff in correctional techniques and strategies based on the knowledge and experience, which has bee
n passed on by the individuals and organizations he has been affiliated with.

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