PPSC Staff Profile

Det. Jerry S. Greene

(LASO - Retired)

    Jerry Greene retired from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department in March, 2003, after nearly 35 years of service. He joined the department following active military duty and graduated from the academy as the #1 LASD cadet.

    Following assignments at three different custody facilities and a patrol station, Jerry transferred to the Special Enforcement Bureau, where he became a member of the department’s Special Weapons Team. After three years with the team, Jerry was promoted to the rank of sergeant and transferred back to patrol.

    After several years as a patrol sergeant, detective sergeant, and detective team sergeant, Greene was selected to the Narcotics Bureau where he was responsible for supervising a station narcotics crew as well as selected special operations.

    Greene, after nearly four years at the Narcotics Bureau, was assigned to the Transportation Bureau where he remained for one year until he was chosen to form the Office of Security Management. Jerry, as a Security Consultant / Physical Security Specialist, was responsible for providing counsel and training to county executives, as well as overseeing safety training to the county’s 75,000 employees. For his efforts, the County of Los Angeles, Productivity Commission, presented Sergeant Greene with its Award of Merit.

    Following a brief stint at the Civil Litigation Unit, Jerry was selected as an investigator at the Internal Affairs Bureau where he spent the last 10 years of his career. During this time, he conducted numerous investigations involving allegations of employee misconduct, ranging from minor incidents to major accusations of criminal violations. He was also a member of the Shooting / Force roll-out team which responded immediately to any Deputy Involved Shootings and major uses of force. Following the initial investigation and compiling an investigative report, Greene was responsible for presenting the case to department executives who determined the final findings and any discipline if appropriate. Greene also trained several investigators and assisted in the development of the training program currently used today.

    Jerry holds an A.A. degree in Police Science from Cerritos College and is a member of the Southern California Internal Affairs Investigators Association.


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