Course Overview


      This course is intended to explore the considerable potential of ballistic shields as well as build individual proficiency in their use. It will stress the fundamental and practical skills with the ballistic shield as well as advanced tactical concepts. Tactics and techniques are not specific to any brand of ballistic shield and will be useful to users of any shield products.


      Unlike other ballistic shield instructor courses, this course is not product specific, and does not reflect any manufacturer's marketing agenda.

Course content will include:

  • Technical information pertinent to the shield

  • Advantages and disadvantages of the shield

  • Varied shield applications

  • Individual tactics with the shield

  • Team tactics with the shield

  • Basic and advanced firearms techniques with the shield

  • Alternative shield firing techniques

  • Force-on-force scenario training using Simunition®

Eligible candidates for this program are members of the police, corrections, military and security communities. ALL applicants MUST provide credentials of their affiliation with an accredited law enforcement, corrections, military or security organization for acceptance into this program.



 3 days/ 20 hours




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  Please call 877-267-7772  ext. 3




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