This course is designed for law enforcement, correctional, armed security, and military personnel. The course and its various courses of fire focus on techniques that have a broad array of applications for the rifle or carbine including, patrol operations, emergency response, close quarters deployment, and intermediate to long range applications. The course is designed to provide a high degree of instructor development topics concentrating on those areas that will enable the professional to become a more effective instructor.


This course is limited to current law enforcement officers, private security specialists, and military personnel.



      This is a comprehensive, instructor-level, firearms training program. The course curriculum entails instruction and demonstrated student proficiency in the following topical and procedural areas;

  • Lesson plan development and program documentation

  • Course design and structure

  • Fundamentals of tactical and precision shooting

  • Proper zeroing procedures

  • Unconventional shooting position techniques

  • Coaching skill development

  • Transition exercises from rifle/carbine to handgun

  • Range operations

  • Selection and utilization of cover and concealment

  • Operational tactics

  • Reduced light operations

  • Tactical weapons handling and safety

  • Tactical shooting techniques

  • Tactical operational skills

  • "Force-on-force" simulation training

  • Certifying rifle marksmanship examination (100% minimum score)

  • Certifying written examination (80% minimum score)

Eligible candidates for this program are members of the police, corrections, military and security communities. ALL applicants MUST provide credentials of their affiliation with an accredited law enforcement, corrections, military or security organization for acceptance into this program.



 5 days/ 32 hours




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