Course Description


      The CQB Pistol course provides a dynamic and proactive training regimen for officers who wish to push their handgun skills beyond the basic or intermediate levels. Given the current environment in which most officers operate, being able to respond effectively to “active shooters” requires higher levels of proficiency with service handguns.


      While this course will begin by reviewing fundamental skills, it will quickly progress to highly advanced levels whereby tactical movement, assessment and hostile target engagement are made in a quick and decisive fashion, in both individual and team contexts.


Curriculum will include;

  • Non-competitive, relaxed, low pressure format to encourage student experimentation and facilitate learning new techniques.

  • Decisive engagement of anatomically correct targets, with disciplined and effective shot placement.

  • Situational ready positions.

  • Enhancement of “Natural Body Speed” to facilitate fast and accurate hits (speed shooting techniques)

  • Proper close combat focus

  • Distraction drills (simultaneous handling of non-hostile individuals)Engagement of concentrated and dispersed multiple targets.

  • Marginal light considerations and black-out engagement drills

  • Accessing available cover and setting up during tactical operations.

  • Strong and support hand techniques.

  • Pistol refunction techniques.

  • Linear and lateral shooting on the move techniques. Pivoting techniques.

  • Shooting from conventional and unconventional positions.

  • Individual and team shooting exercises.

NOTE:  This is a fast-paced program. When on the range, you’ll likely be occupied loading magazines during brief respites between shooting drills. Comfortable range clothing, shoes, knee pads and rehydration equipment is highly recommended.


Equipment Requirements

  • Duty handgun w/ at least three (3) magazines. It is recommended that you bring 5 or 6 magazines, if possible.

  • Student must bring a minimum of 1000 rounds of handgun ammunition. Small class size may entail each student firing 1250 rounds.

  • Cleaning equipment

  • Safety glasses with protective side panels, or duty grade protective goggles.

  • Hearing protection

  • Duty flashlight (one handed operation)

  • Body armor

  • Relevant operational “call-out” gear.

Course Instructor: Robert K. Taubert


      Bob served with the FBI for 23 years before retiring in 1996. he was assigned to special operations for the majority of his career.


      A maritime counter-terrorism specialist, Bob has both trained and trained with numerous and domestic military and police crisis response units. These broad training opportunities have been tempered with operational experience. Bob became responsible for enhancing FBI field SWAT and police tactical teams security capabilities during special events.


      Prior to joining the FBI, Bob served 12 years with the USMC, during which time he served two tours in Vietnam, rising to the rank of Major and serving as a company commander.


      Bob holds both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Physical Education. He has previously served five (5) years as an adjunct instructor with Smith & Wesson Academy, where he instructed police in Raid Tactics, Ballistic Shields and CQB Pistol. Bob is currently a member of the Police Policy Studies Council’s training staff.


Please Note: All applications, tuition or POs must be received prior to the beginning of class. Tuition includes a classroom manual and all classroom and range materials.


Eligible candidates for this program are members of the police, corrections, military and security communities. ALL applicants MUST provide credentials of their affiliation with an accredited law enforcement, corrections, military or security organization for acceptance into this program.




 4 days/ 28 hours




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  Please call 877-267-7772  ext. 3




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