Weapons Discharge Report

      The PPSC WDR is a comprehensive management protocol, formulated to assist law enforcement agencies in the analysis of firearms discharge data. It is intended to assist agency trainers, investigators and supervisory personnel in tasks associated with assessing agency policy and procedures pertinent to the application of deadly force.

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    The WDR has been structured within parameters associated with the use of firearms within a deadly force context. This device therefore excludes any firearms discharge (e.g., rounds discharged in training, qualification, dispatching wounded, or rabid animals, etc.) not falling within such defined parameters.

    The WDR is NOT a self-reporting mechanism. It should be completed by personnel assigned to investigate an officer-involved shooting (OIS). It is highly recommended that agencies using this device have it completed within 24-72 hours after the individual firearm discharge(s) occurred. In cases where the officer(s) involved in a shooting are either deceased or incapable of providing information salient to the completion of this device, personnel assigned to investigation of the event should make every attempt to reconstruct this data where it is feasible.

    PPSC also recommends timely review of the data culled from this device, by training and supervisory personnel of delegated interest. Depending on the frequency of an agency’s use of deadly force, this data should also be statistically expressed and disseminated to interested parties on a periodic basis.

    Permission to freely utilize the PPSC WDR is granted to all law enforcement entities that may wish to employ it. In the event that agencies wish assistance in the implementation or interpretation of this device, PPSC offers such assistance to those that request it.

    PPSC is developing digital versions of the WDR, in widely accepted Microsoft Access® and Excel® formats. The digital format will afford easier management and analysis of data collected. Contact us for more information about acquiring these devices.

For assistance in the implementation or interpretation of the PPSC WDR, please contact:

Thomas J. Aveni, M.S.

The Police Policy Studies Council

PO Box 475

Spofford, NH 03462


(877) 267-7772  Ext. 3